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Shooting is simple

Here are some basics to point you in the right direction

  1. Get a super wide angle lens. Realtors seem to love them.
  2. Always shoot in RAW file format. As its the only format we can retouch.
  3. Always shoot on Manual mode. It will give you more control over the exposure.
  4. Set the camera to matrix metering.
  5. Don’t use too much flash. As it can ruin the final result.
  6. Always use a tripod. Especially if you are to supply more than 1 image per photo

Internal Photos

Once you have chosen the composition of your photo. Adjust the F stop to 8, then adjust the shutter speed to be set to around 1 or 2 stops over exposed & take the photo. The most important part of this is to ensure the frames around the window and doors are not too overexposed or they will lose their detail.

Many property photographers use an onboard speedlight to assist with lighting the room and some also use additional flashes on stands. So if you take the photo and internally its still too dark, introduce a bit of flash. Point the flash backwards, away from the photo.

TIP: Do not overexpose the image. Its much easier for us to retouch an image that is a bit dark than one that is far too bright.

Before exposed for internal light1

Image Exposed for Internal Light

This internal shot was over exposed by 1 stop. This was done by putting the F stop on 8 and then adjusting the shutter speed to being 1 stop over exposed. Having the camera correctly exposed would've made the image too dark. The photographer ensured the ceiling lights were not over exposed and used some onboard fill flash to lighten the dark blue lounge, plus she ensured the frames around the doors were not over exposed.

HINT: We prefer images that are a little dark like this as we can adjust the exposure afterwards. If this image was sent to us too bright it would of made retouching it more challenging. So if ever in doubt always supply a slightly darker image and we’ll look after the rest . Its the same with using flash. You will get a better more natural final retouched image using less flash not more.

Before exposed for balcony

Image Exposed for Balcony

The second photo was taken exposed for the balcony to ensure the table can be correctly exposed for the final image.

Before exposed for outside light1

Image Exposed for Outside light

The final image was exposed for beyond the balcony to the outside.

After retouching1

Final Retouched Image

Here is the end result. We have blended the 3 images together. Added a blue sky, adjusted the white balance, placed an image on the TV and lightened the image in general. The entire process is time consuming but well worth it for the final result.


How does it work?

Using RAW format we need you to supply

Raw External

RAW Internal

Retouched Shot

What does it cost?

Our wholesale pricing is $3 per image, 8 images minimum, per order (we accept up to three exposures for each image).

Shooting is simple.

Step 1:
Shoot your images in RAW format.
Step 2:
Send them to us.
Step 3:
We make them look irresistible.
Step 4:
We deliver direct to your clients addressed from you.
Step 5:
That's it!

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