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How does it work?

You need to shoot ALL your images in RAW file format, so make sure your camera has this ability. RAW technology gives us amazing control over exposure and white balance. We aren’t able to retouch images that are supplied as .jpg or .TFF.

Shoot multiple photos per image. We usually need just 2 images, but sometimes 3.

  1. One exposed for internal light
  2. One exposed for the external light
  3. Sometimes a 3rd image exposed for dark balconies, or around window frames.
    We never need a 4th image.

Example of what we need to retouch your images

This is a RAW image exposed for the internal light

before exposed for internal light

This is a RAW image exposed for the outside light

Before exposed for outside light

This is the final retouched image
Considerable time is spent on every image to ensure the final result is of the highest quality. Once the retoucher has finished the image, it is then doubled checked by another staff member to ensure nothing has been overlooked. The result is consistent high quality images, every time.

After Retouching

Getting the photos to us

Create yourself a free account, which will give you access to our photo upload solution. Load all the RAW images to our server for each property you have photographed. Your files will be large so this will take several hours for them to finish loading.

Delivering final images to your clients

Once the photos have been retouched. You will be notified via e-mail, allowing you to check the images. Once you have approved them they will automatically be emailed to your clients. The system uses your e-mail address so it will appear the images have been delivered by you, which keeps our relationship confidential.

Lets Do this !

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Common Questions and Answers

When will the photos be retouched & ready to deliver to your clients ?
Photos are usually ready for delivery to your client within 24 hrs of them being sent to us, but often sooner. Due to the massive amount of volume and world wide client base and time zones we are unable to offer an express deliver & this might also compromise the quality of the final product.

How do you charge ?
We charge a fixed fee per final image. So if you send us 3 images to produce 1 image you will just be charged for the one image, not the 3. Its common for our clients to have 10 final images that are sent to the client but we are sent 20 RAW images to be retouched. If you work like this you will only be charged for the 10 final images.

We have a set fixed fee per image. So regardless of how long we spend getting the image just right you will have peace of mind knowing you will not be charged more.

We are not the cheapest retouchers you will find, but we are also not the most expensive. While you will pay more for our service, its rock solid reliable with quality and delivery times. You can rely on us.

Is there a discount for volume images ?
All our clients get our volume rate. We retouch a substantial amount of images daily and have a large team that work very hard to make it all happen. So if you send us 8 images a day or 1,000 its the same price.

Exactly what do you retouch for your fixed fee per image ?
We make the image look the best it possibly can. White balance is adjusted, image is lightened, shadows are reduced, ceilings are whitened, windows are cut out, blue skies are put in. We put images on the TV’s, fire in fire places and fix patchy grass. Plus we straighten images tat are crooked and clean up the edges of each photo too.

Do you need to send us notes for each image you need retouched ?

No, not really. Everything mentioned above gets done without you having to ask. Pretty neat hey

Do you also remove objects from the images ?
Yes. But this costs extra. In fact its very time consuming to do right.So if you have a kitchen that you need everyting from the bench removed, or a garbage bin that needs to be deleted. Its cheaper to do it in person at the shoot.

Can you handle extra workload ?
Yes. Our business consist of around 20 full time retouchers plus managers. So if you have a lot of work you need done send it our way. We can handle it.


How does it work?

Using RAW format we need you to supply

Raw External

RAW Internal

Retouched Shot

Shooting is simple.

Step 1:
Shoot your images in RAW format.
Step 2:
Send them to us.
Step 3:
We make them look irresistible.
Step 4:
We deliver direct to your clients addressed from you.
Step 5:
That's it!

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